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/Do I need a note Poofy under a wedding dress?

I bought my dress a few months ago in a David's Bridal and arrived this week. I did not buy a bra or slip of them – are so expensive! I tried it yesterday with no bra or slip and looked good to me. The dress has four layers of poof underneath it and … Do we really need another slip? The lady told me things like the type of bra corset that make it look smooth, but the dress has a gathered waist and I am small in both directions, so do not feel the need. She said the slide would help give shape to the skirt, but looked I well without it. Am I crazy for not buying these things? My plan is to use only the dress and not worry about a bra or slip … Has anyone else done that and ended up regretting it, or was the right choice for you? (My dress has an A-line skirt and a sweetheart neckline with shoulder straps, if that helps.) Thanks!

No, you do not need all the extras that come with a wedding dress. My first try on dresses at Davids Bridal and I had put all the work, and I wanted Poofy dress. Then I went to my local bridal shop and found my dream dress, which is quite Poofy. The girls there told me that I did not need any accessory go with the dress, if I felt comfortable when surrounded. As far as keeping the materials away from your legs, I asked about it. They told me that when I clean dry / steam the clothes before use, is responsible for all material issues. The steam process helps to spread the dress again, and make it even more Poofy. This shop clothing has made thousands of garments, and I have rarely heard a complaint. The only couple of complaints I've heard of this girl was a pain to try anyway. So that to answer your question, you do not need the extras, just clean / steam clothing before use.

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