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You do not have to be a good craftsman to be able to make many great Halloween craft that will make your holiday joyful. Halloween conjures up images of ghosts spooky, black cats, dark witches and bats flying.

You can recreate some of these images with fun and easy crafts.

The mostly about creating Halloween crafts is that the whole family can do and allows them to spend time together. Lots of Halloween crafts can be done by almost any age child. For example, your child can help and learn new skills like cutting, drawing and color.

Of course, you need a supply some elaboration of the store. Here is the craft equipment basic requirements:

  • Several paintings of art: black orange white etc. (pots and spraying cans)
  • Painting gold and silver (spray cans)
  • Colored pipe cleaners
  • Black, white, silver and gold markers

Obviously, most homes already have handmade items as a means of scissors, tape tape and glue.

So, Let's start: going to be fun!


For these spiders, you need a carton eggs.

Cut all the tops of the eggs.

Paint black.

They paint their eyes with white or orange paint.

Make four small holes on each side of the spiders.

Insert a pipe cleaner in black or each hole and stick or cling to the spider.

Giving the way you want to the pipe cleaners

Boxes of pumpkin

Search in many small pumpkin plastic containers as desired.

Fill with candy.

Voila! Try are ready to be given to children who come knocking on Halloween Eve.

Color Pumpkins

Here is a very special idea that will allow you to recycle your Halloween ornaments while saving a lot of money. You probably already have pumpkins ceramic. Instead of buying new Halloween decorations, paint your old according to your needs: gold or silver paint for a luxurious decoration, for example.

You may also want to paint in black or white. With a black, white, silver or gold marker, draw some shapes in the new pumpkins such as black cat, witch white, black mansion …

Children love bright colors so you can paint pumpkins in several bright colors like orange, green, blue, red, yellow, etc. Halloween drawing figures in these pumpkins. For teenagers, ornament, paint pumpkins with metallic colors, glow in the dark, glitter, etc.

Pumpkin Jar

If you already have one or more, fill a glass jar with plastic pumpkins or ceramic pumpkins alternate with berries and maple leaves.

Homemade Halloween Illuminations

Here is an almost free Halloween craft! Paint small jars in black, white and orange. Draw some Halloween shapes on them and insert a tea light candle in each jar. For example, a jar of white paint, call Scream murderer's eyes and mouth and voila, you have a very special light spectrum. Place the Halloween candles on a black tray, insert mini pumpkins, berries and maple leaves, etc.

If you have larger jars, you can paint so well and pour in Christmas lights.

Halloween Candelabra

Chandeliers of colored paint with black paint.

Add candles orange.

Cobwebs hang in the chandelier of a chilling effect Halloween!

Halloween Centerpiece

You'll have to use a basket of bread to do this.

Fill with a maple leaves.

Add cobweb, mini pumpkins, spiders …

You can keep the basket for Thanksgiving: you only need to replace cobweb and spiders by grapes and pineapples.

Halloween Tree

Put the bare branches in a vase.

Paint small Christmas tree balls black, white and orange.

Draw Halloween figures on them.

Hang the balls on the branches.

You can also make your own Halloween tree ornaments as ghosts, black cats, witches, spiders and cut cardboard. Paint them and hang them in the tree.

Tip: create a great Halloween garland with orange popcorn.

Witch Hat

If you still have a pointy black hat last year, reuse it by sticking Halloween items such as fake hands, spiders, cobwebs and other spooky items and post to the front door.

Happy Halloween!

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D. Halet is an European history, Holidays and Tarot Cards passionate; she writes articles and creates websites dedicated to these subjects.


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