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One of the benefits that you probably never expect from her closet lingerie is the healing effect of what is known as color therapy. Many medical practitioners alternative color therapy practitioners refer to it as a healing modality, or collective methods that use color positively affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. The theory is that the color can restore balance to us, which is another way to define cure.

To understand how it is produced healing, we must understand that every color is a degree of vibrational energy of light originating from the sun (except black, which is the absence of light). While the most common ways to practice color therapy can be, for example, colored glass and bath treatments, you may experience an improvement in their condition of mind by using any number of methods that focus on specific colors to achieve certain desired results associated with that vibration colors.

When we have unpleasant moods, it is because our energy imbalance. Colour therapy has been used to improve mood, helping to restore the balance of our energy. Energy is vibration, color is vibration. Where does the energy in one area, a simple approach to a specific color can help correct the imbalance. For example:

Red speaks of physics. It authorizes a color and has the potential to increase their confidence in themselves and libido.

Orange speaks to the emotional. It is the color of success. Encourages sociability and can inspire his side to charming exit. It can even help remove inhibitions.

Mental yellow says. It is the color of optimism. It may also encourage attention interest and curiosity.

Green connects to the universal love. It can help reduce stress and create a sense of calm and balance.

Aqua-Turquoise speaking and expressive. It can show a sense of loving affection. It can also help you sleep better.

Cobalt Blue can help you see the big picture. You can improve your ability to make important decisions and help you communicate clearly and effectively.

Indigo can bring to the surface of the female intuition. It gives us an inner sense of clarity. You can also increase our sense of consciousness, and our imagination.

Lavender / Purple empowers the spiritual you. It can help you get in touch with your inner beauty. Also may produce a calming effect to reduce the excitation and irritation.

Magenta helps balance emotions. It can offer a smooth effect soothing.

Baker-Miller pink (a shade of mauve and pink) has been shown to help suppress appetite (1979 study by Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D.)

So, how can we take advantage of our underwear wardrobe to benefit from color therapy?

Here are some recommendations Specifically, it offers the finest lingerie expert Margaret Shrum, for testing. The key is to take the time to go to a lonely place and look in the mirror of the whole body as you use your chosen lingerie set. Rather then focus on how your hair or body is, focus exclusively on how the color you are using feel. Take the time to change what is normally used to realize and try to get deep into contact with the way your feeling on an emotional level. Even the change in the habit of what we usually pay attention when you are looking for himself wearing underwear in the mirror, it should cause a sense of awareness for you.

Its goal is to really focus on their vibrational energy of the moment. On his own, is a great meditation exercise, because the setting awareness of oneself is very grounded and clear his head. Once you feel you have benefited from the knowledge of their current emotional state, you should have an idea of energy you'll need to balance yourself. Now you just match the color corresponding to the sense of balance that has identified and established its focus in that color.

Here is a specific example of underwear: if you feel anxious, you want to put in your tank bamboo lavender and matching pants lounge and start getting the effect Soothing your attention focused on lavender.

You may be surprised with the results they find to get in tune with their emotions and then be focus on the color of the piece you choose to decorate. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for underwear.

Mood For a hot and sexy, slip into these articles:

* Deep crimson silk shirt & Tap pant

* Red Lace Corset with matching thong and sheer stockings

* Vibrant orange silk tunic

* Lace Bra lemons and Pantie set

For a romantic mood, you decorate with these pieces:

* Pink cotton dress Voille

* Malva stamped floral cotton robe

* Indigo Silk Kimono Robe

* Lavender Lace Top & Matching lace boyshorts

For a state of mind to ground, put the following items:

* Linen Robe Green Leaf Lounge

* Cobalt blue cotton shirt and matching briefs

* Passionate Purple silk shirt

* Magenta Lace Bra & Bikini

For a relaxed mood zen, try these options:

* Turquoise Waffle Spa Robe

* Aqua Menswear Inspired Cotton Night Shirt

* Terry Lavender thong shoes

* Violet Cotton Chemise

While most women look at their lockers cabinet and everything to do with black, white and naked, this article may shed some light on the benefits of adding some color to your existing wardrobe. You may want to display your clothing consultant interior. At least, paying attention to how you feel when you're wearing underwear and look in the mirror is a great place to start each day and each night out.

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Margaret Shrum’s compassionate lingerie consulting business called “The Lingerie Diet” is means of transformation for all women to learn to use lingerie as a tool to embrace their unique beauty. Prior to starting her own business, she’s worked for over two decades in boudoir high-fashion learning her craft by attending Paris trade shows, working with top designers and servicing A-list celebrities. Download a FREE sample chapter of her book ‘Secrets of The Lingerie Diet’ and sign up for her free coaching emails here:

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