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Ever wondered what it would be a great gift for the anniversary of being with someone and were not really a special celebration, as its 25th or 50th? I do not think the list of gemstones that go with each year until age 75. Can you imagine actually being married for 75 years? Diamonds worth if its been so long!

Here we go:

1 – freshwater pearls, gold jewelry

2-Rose Quartz, Garnet

3-Crystal, Pearl

4-Amethyst, Topaz

5-turquoise, sapphire

6 – Garnet, Amethyst

7-lapis lazuli, copper, Onyx

8-Aventurine, Bronze, Multicolored Tourmaline

9-Tiger Eye, Leather, Lapis Lazuli

10a-Black Onyx, Diamond Jewelry

11-Hematite, Fashion Jewelry, Turquoise

12-Pearl Color Gems, Agate, Jade

13 – Malachite, Citrine, Moonstone

14a-ivory, gold, jewelry, Moss Agate, Opal

15a-Watch, Crystal, Ruby

16a-Aquamarine, Peridot

17a – Citrine, Amethyst


19a-Topaz, Aquamarine

Platinum-20a, Esmeralda


22a-Spinel (all colors)

23a-Sapphire, Imperial Topaz


25th-Sterling Silver

30a-Pearl, Diamond, Jade

35th – Coral, jade, emerald


45a-sapphire, alexandrite


55a-Emerald, Alexandrite

60a – Diamond

65a-Star Sapphire


For years not listed, the only diamonds do very well! Maybe even a pearl necklace Nice. These gemstones are all beautiful it would be nice as a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings. That would depend only on the taste of the person you are planning to buy the gift for. This list is fun to plan ahead so that it is prepared to advance to make this purchase to show that person how much she means to you.

Happy Shopping!


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I make handmade jewelry and I am moving more toward gemstones and crystals, along with sterling silver. I love to make custom design pieces which make a piece of jewelry from me even more special. I offer free repair of any jewelry purchased from me within the first year. After that, I offer jewelry repair for a fee on either jewelry puchased from me or other jewelry. I also have The Earring of the Month Club. This club offers a different pair of earrings each month for $21.35. FREE SHIPPING for The Earring of the Month Club purchases only. I am going to add different jewelry for different niches, including birth stones, graduation, dogs jewelry, cat jewelry, and more. Keep an eye on my site.

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