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/What kind of wig would look good?

I just bought this dummy on eBay for my online store. and I intend to go ahead and buy a wig for this. What kind of wig that I pass by it. Should it be long hair short idk? This dummy will show hats, scarves and necklaces. Here is a link to a photo of mannequin.http: / / cgi.ebay.com/Mannequin-Head-Bust-Wig-Hat-Jewelry-Display-BK-TinaB3_W0QQitemZ350136910109QQcategoryZ10797QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp2773. m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%% 3DSIC 26its% 3DI% 252BC% 26itu%% 3DUCI 252BIA% 252BUA% 252BFICS%% 252BUFI 26otn% 26po% 3D38% 26ps% 3D54% 3DLVI Please post links to various hair styles that you think will look right.

You said you will show hats, scarves and necklaces. I had a hairdo just like this: http://www.worldofstock.com/slides/PMO1893.jpg It looks good, and still can not divert attention from the things you want to display. And if you get bored of it, you can always curl or style it.

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