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/Fajas What product has worked better for your tummy?

I had my first child in 2008 and Im stuck with limp body mom … will not go away. Im going on vacation in August and I find a great tummy flattening belts work at an affordable price (under $ 50). So far, Ive found the body Spanx Cognito Seamless mid-thigh (but is $ 75) and the Yummie tummies: Hip Length Girdle tank, but that is $ 62. Do any of you have had luck with any others? I want to take daily under my casual clothes. Just something to make me feel a little better about myself. Any suggestions?? Mark, I'm going on vacation in August. This is July. Do Mathematics is not …. if I have not lost weight in the past 17.5 months, do you really think Im going to be able to get fit and lose the belly of the baby in 3.5 weeks? NO.

flexes trainers are great and JC Penney has several fantasy including "I" which is a firm control waist serious The script is like Spanx only less expensive. Dr. Rey trainers are also good. Bali, miracle suit vabien and are also good. Sometimes we need spandex diet "to maintain calories curves out to the hearing because the diet and exercise simply take too long you go girl! Good luck in the diet of spandex!

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